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Administrative Structure Study & Search

The Kenilworth 38 Board of Education is undertaking a search for its next superintendent and reviewing the District's administrative structure. Community engagement is vital to our process. Through soliciting input from student families, alumni, our educators, faculty, staff, residents and other interested stakeholders on the characteristics, experience, and skills they most desire in our school's educational team. We invite everyone in our community to participate and engage in the process.

Information about the search for the next District superintendent and administrative structure will be available on this web page.

News posted in order of appearance, most recent first.

November 14, 2019

At the Board of Education (BOE) Regular Meeting on Thursday, November 14, the BOE finalized the future administrative structure. We are pleased to share this update, as well as highlights of Board’s commitment to collectively improve our school culture, and the current Superintendent search timeline.

The BOE made the final administration structure conclusions after carefully considering a refined recommendation from the search firm, School Exec Connect (SEC). Below is an outline the structure for the Joseph Sears School administration for the 2020-2021 school year:

  • We are shifting the Superintendent focus away from business operations to an educational leader. We will hire a non-administrative Business Services and Human Resources Manager to assist with these duties.
  • We are committed to three building level administrators, a Principal, an Assistant Principal and Director of Student Services, who will work collaboratively to uphold the values of a JK-8 school in both operations and culture. Moving forward, all faculty and staff will report up through the Principal
  • The Chief Education Officer position will remain in place for 2020-2021, and the status of the position would be re-assessed during that school year.

  • See proposed organization chart here.
    See complete SEC recommendation here.

We recognized that the administrative structure study is just one piece of our effort to reduce administrative turnover and improve the overall culture of the school. We also understand the community’s desire to know more about the challenges within the district. We have conducted our own exit interviews with all of our departing administrators, worked closely with SEC and had several internal conversations to gain a better understanding of underlying issues contributing to the instability within the District. While we can not share all of the details due to employee privacy standards, we have agreed to commit to areas in which we as a Board can improve, move forward from our history in a positive direction, set up our new administrators, faculty and staff for success, and ultimately deliver a better experience to our students.

Among the efforts the Board commits to include:
  • Continue to make decisions in the best interest of our students
  • Run a thorough and robust search process to hire our new administrators
  • Work with our new Superintendent and Administrative Leadership Team to clearly define the roles & responsibilities of the new team
  • Uphold the Four Cornerstones
  • Work collaboratively with our stakeholders to seek feedback, actively listen and resolve matters together
  • Provide the necessary support to the new administrative team balanced with giving them autonomy to do their jobs effectively

We also encourage our stakeholders to consider setting some commitments so that we can come together collectively to make our new administrative team successful and continue to meet the needs of our students.

Below is the current timeline for the Superintendent Search:

  • Nov. 15: Deadline to receive applications
  • Late November: SEC interviews
  • Dec. 2: SEC presents slate of candidates to Board
  • Dec. 4, 10, 11: Superintendent interviews by the Board
  • Jan. 13, 14, 15: Superintendent interviews by Board & Stakeholder Committee (updated 12/3/19)
  • Jan. 27: Vote on hiring of new Superintendent (tentative)
Last spring the BOE committed to several goals for this process: to maintain excellent short-term operations with the hiring of a strong interim administrative team, work to understand issues related to administrative turnover in order to minimize this in the future, conduct a robust administrative search process and maintain transparency throughout. As we move into the final phase of hiring our future administrative team, we hope you believe we have delivered on these commitments.

October 7, 2019

A Special Board Meeting was held Monday, October 7, at 6 p.m. in the Joseph Sears School Library Tech Center. The primary focus of this meeting was to review the results of the Administrative Structure Study, the profile of the Superintendent, and discuss the next steps in the Superintendent search. Dr. Linda Yonke of School Exec Connect, the search firm handling the administrative study and searches, presented all of the findings and next steps, and addressed the Board's questions related to the presentation.

  • An analysis of the Administrative Structure Study and Superintendent Search Input can be found here.
  • The Superintendent Profile can be found here. Applications are being excepted through November 15, 2019 here.
  • The timeline to hire the Superintendent can be found here.

View the presentations from School Exec Connect:

  • Administrative Structure Study Presentation can be found here.
  • Superintendent Profile Presentation can be found here.