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Support Services

The district student services department is comprised of a number of experts responsible for providing support services to all students within the district:

Director of Student Services -- The director of student services supervises the operation of the district special education department, including the facilitation of special education and response to intervention initiatives. The director of student services monitors and implements district policies and procedures related to special education to ensure the district is operating in compliance with state and federal regulations. The director of student services maintains a special education records, monitors the district special education budget and issues reports related to district special education programming.

Student Services Teachers -- Student services teachers participate in meetings to help determine whether a student is eligible for services. They are also the professionals responsible for the facilitation and management of student IEPs. They are responsible for writing the IEP goals and objectives and they work closely with general education teachers. Sometimes, they work directly with students to provide remedial or developmental instruction. Some special education teachers spend time in the general education classroom assisting the general education teacher and eligible students.

Psychologist -- The school psychologist is licensed to administer assessments to help determine a student's eligibility for special education and related services. The psychologist also provides consultation to classroom teachers for students who have problems with learning and social emotional issues.

Speech Language Pathologists -- Speech language pathologists work to provide instruction for students who may need assistance with a variety of issues, including articulation disorders, language issues or physical problems with tongue movement or mouth and throat issues. The speech language pathologist may also be a resource in a student's development of social skills and the understanding and use of social communication.

Social Workers -- Social workers are responsible for all the students in the school, so they are not providers of specific education services, though they can be valuable resources for students with disabilities. They can also help students deal with social and emotional issues.

School Nurse -- The school nurse provides medical care after careful individual evaluation and is responsible for the control an administration of medication and controlled substances for students.

Instructional Assistants -- Instructional assistants work under the direction of a teacher or an administrator to provide support for students with disabilities.