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Health Services

The school nurse provides medical care after careful individual evaluation. Parents are contacted by telephone regarding health or medical concerns requiring treatment. In the event that a parent cannot be reached when a child needs immediate treatment, the designated neighbor or relative is informed of the student's medical status. If a suitable arrangement for care of the child at home cannot be made, the child will stay with the nurse. If the child needs immediate medical attention, the physician listed on the child’s registration form may be called. With an injury, the nurse first administers emergency care. If further medical attention is indicated, parents will be notified to transport the child.


If a significant emergency situation occurs the Winnetka Fire Department will be called to transport students for emergency care. Parents will be notified immediately to secure permission for treatment of the student upon arrival at the hospital. According to Illinois law and Evanston Hospital Policy, medical and surgical procedures are performed on children under the age of 18 only if the parent's or legal guardian's written consent is received. If the physician attending the student determines that the student’s health would be adversely affected, care will be given. The nurse or a school official will stay with the child until a parent arrives.

In addition, school wellness, including good nutrition and regular physical activities are strongly promoted as part of the District’s educational program, which also includes P.E., after school sports and a healthy meal program.

For more information, contact Liz Jakus, School Nurse,