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English Language Learners


All students that are new to our school district that indicate that a language other than English is spoken at home must be screened to determine if they are eligible to receive ELL services. This is achieved using the WIDA screener test for Kindergarten students and any additional assessments that are deemed necessary.


Students below the Expanding level in the proficiency scale may receive daily English language support during the time when other students attend a World Language class. Additional support may be provided in the classroom or intensive assistance may be necessary for multiple periods of the day. Students in the Emerging and Entering levels may require specific EL supports designed to teach reading and writing at their specific level.


Every student that qualifies for ELL services must take the ACCESS for ELL test in February until he or she meets the exit criteria. The test measures how our students are progressing in the acquisition of English in four domains: speaking, listening, reading, and writing. The results are reported at the beginning of the following school year. Student growth is measured on a scale of 1-6 and any student who scores above a 4.8 on the composite scale will officially exit the ELL program. At that time, additional services may be requested and will be considered on a case-by-case basis. Formative and summative assessments will be administered throughout the school year to monitor student progress. Parents may refuse ELL services by writing a letter stating that they refuse services. However, this parental statement does not relinquish the school’s obligation to annually assess the student’s language proficiency with the ACCESS for ELLs.

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