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Fabien Cousteau Visits Sears
Fabien Cousteau Visits Sears
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Fabien Cousteau, renowned oceanographer and grandson of the famous explorer Jacques Cousteau, visited Sears to speak with students about oceanography, filmmaking and his family's legacy.

Fabien Cousteau, oceanographer and author of The Great White Shark Adventure, came to Sears to discuss his book and career with third, fourth and fifth grade students.

Cousteau, the grandson of Jacques Cousteau, spoke about his experiences and travels studying the ocean. Sears students engaged with Mr. Cousteau by asking and answering questions throughout the presentation.

Cousteau's visit was sponsored by Book Stall's author visit program.

Fabien Cousteau has worked with National Geographic, Discovery, PBS, and CBS to produce ocean exploration documentaries and continues to produce environmentally-oriented content for schools, books, magazines, and newspapers. Learn more about his work at