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Welcome to The Joseph Sears School Student Homepage!

This page contains helpful links and information for all Joseph Sears School students. To find your teacher's website, browse the staff directory and follow the link in profile page.

Student/Parent Handbook

The Joseph Sears School Student/Parent Handbook is a framework for expected student behavior throughout the course of the school year. The handbook also contains pertinent information for things such as: attendance, academics, and athletics, among other things.

Student Safety Reporting Form

The Joseph Sears School is committed to providing a safe, comfortable learning environment for all students. With an increasingly digital world, we want to provide students, families, and community members with an opportunity to make reports using our new online Student Safety Reporting Form. This form encourages students, parents, and staff to report serious safety concerns to Sears administration confidentially.

Safe2Help Illinois

Safe2Help Illinois is a statewide school safety program that offers students a safe and confidential way to share information that may help prevent suicides, bullying, school violence, and other threats to student safety. 

Safe2Help Illinois features a 24/7 helpline (1-844-4-SAFEIL), free mobile app, and dedicated website ( Students can use Safe2Help Illinois to share concerns about themselves or others in a confidential (but not anonymous) environment. It is important to note that this program is to encourage students to “seek help before harm,” with the goal of intervening and helping students before they harm themselves or others.