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Kenilworth District 38's Commitment to Equity & Inclusion

Image of students standing against lockers and smiling

The following Equity & Inclusion Statement was approved by the District 38 Board of Education at a regular meeting on May 9, 2022. 

Kenilworth District 38 endeavors to provide a dynamic and inclusive learning environment
that cultivates knowledge, hones skills, and imbues character in all students. The District
values the multi-faceted nature of our community and recognizes that an educational
experience in which diversity is respected and equity is honored will help to drive
successful educational outcomes and prepare students to thrive in an increasingly diverse
and global society. District 38 is committed to equity and excellence in education by
providing each student access to resources, opportunities, and a curriculum that meets
their needs and will work towards reducing opportunity gaps.

Through the collaborative efforts of our District staff, families/guardians, community
members, and students’ individual efforts, we strive to provide an environment where
everyone feels empowered to share their unique experiences and ideas and is a
welcomed and valued community member. We are dedicated to supporting each student
to reach their potential, honoring, and building upon the strengths and assets of
individual students. Having an equitable and inclusive schoolhouse will contribute to
positive student outcomes and a culture where our values of respect, kindness,
responsibility, and honesty thrive.

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The Equity Action Plan is an accountability framework to identify, measure and sustain actions to advance equity. It is a collaborative process developed with district stakeholders and relies on systemic commitment to best serve all students.