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The following are commonly used resources for families who have completed the enrollment process:

  • JSSPVA -- All families are encouraged to become active in the Joseph Sears School Parents' Volunteer Association. The JSSPVA plays a significant role in planning and implementing many of the unique opportunities available to Joseph Sears School students.
  • Booster Club -- Families interested in athletics are encouraged to join the Joseph Sears Booster Club. Booster Club supports school athletics teams and organizes the Field Day Tradition.
  • School Supplies -- School supplies can be purchased in bundles during the early summer months. School supplies lists are also available for individual purchase.
  • Marla's Lunch -- The school lunch program is maintained by the JSSPVA and coordinated through Marla's Lunch. Marla's Lunch offers the opportunity for parents to purchase hot lunches for their children throughout the year.
  • Milk Program -- Parents may purchase milk for their children through the school milk program. Milk options offered include 1% white, 1% organic white, skim white, skim chocolate and 1% organic chocolate. Milk is purchased at the time of registration.
  • Physical Education Uniforms -- P.E. uniforms are required for students in junior high (Grades 6-8). P.E. uniforms can be purchased at Wilmette Bicycle & Sport Shop, 605 Green Bay Road, Wilmette, IL