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The Joseph Sears Booster Club Committee




The Sears Booster Club and the JSSPVA have merged

The Booster Club Committee will now fall under the JSSPVA umbrella. Two Booster Chairs will sit on the PVA Board of Directors with voting privileges. A new Booster mission statement is in place to guide their work and all Booster funds will be kept in a separate account from JSSPVA money so that those funds can solely support their mission.


The mission of the JSSPVA's Booster Club Committee is to work collaboratively with the Sears Athletic Department to enhance the sports programs, foster school spirit, and provide scholarships.

  • Through fundraising, the Booster Club Committee pays for family scholarships, athletic supplies, uniforms and equipment, and capital improvements beyond what the school athletic budget provides.
  • Through parent volunteers, the Booster Club Committee strives to promote school spirit and sportsmanship. This is achieved through spirit wear, pep rallies, student-athlete awards, concession stands sales, and publication of sports guidelines for all athletic teams.