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Grade Dues & Reimbursements

Grade Dues

The JSSPVA collects grade dues for each grade level. These are collected to help cover the costs of class parties throughout the year.  There are typically 3-4 parties (Halloween, Holiday, Valentine’s Day, End of Year Party).  Some grades may also have a special party for other Sears traditions, for example, 5th Graders put on the “We The People Play” and there is usually a dessert reception to follow.

The suggestion donation is $30 per student for grades K-7 and $20 for Jr. Kindergarten.  8th graders have higher dues set by the room parents due to the higher volume of activities/traditions along with graduation planning and festivities.  If you have a student in the 8th grade, please reach out to the treasurer ( or the past treasurer ( and they will be able to tell you the amount for the current 8th grade year as it tends to fluctuate year to year.

Ways to Donate:      

Zelle (                          

PayPal @JSSPVA (select Grade Dues & cover fees)*


*If paying by PayPal, you can select a combination option to pay your applicable grade dues and donate to the Giving Tree all at once ($30 grade dues + $40 Giving Tree = $70 single payment).  Please note you do not need to have a PayPal account to pay via this method.

Reimbursement Request Forms

To be reimbursed for expenses incurred, please use the applicable form below to submit your receipts.  The general JSSPVA Expense Reimbursement form should be used for all items outside of classroom parties.