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Board & Committee Members

2019-2020 JSSPVA Slate

2019-2020 JSSPVA Board

Board of Directors (Voting members of the Board)

Board Position

Board Member



Julie Ruck

Vice President

Sarah Halack

Immediate Past President

Rebecca Quigley

VP of Community Relations

Beth Beeler

VP of Green Initiatives

Betsy Kilroy


Nicole Borovicka


Jennifer Martay

Immediate Past Treasurer

Antje Boeing

Benefit Co-Chairs (2-4)

Jenica Myszkowski

Lydia Mathas

Claudia Kocalis

Communications Co-Chair (2)

Katie Alexander

Nora Jewett

Enrichment Co-Chairs (3)

Lauren Garner

Bridget Pennise

Katie White

Volunteer Coordination Chair

Eleanor Husman

Nominating Chair

Emily Tzur

Room Parent Co-Chairs (2)

Antonine Kaiser

Heather Chamberlain

Staff Appreciation Chairs (3)

Pamela Norris

Kathy Ambrosino

Kris Whisner

Subcommittee Chair Positions (Non-voting members of the Board)

Vice President's Subcommittees

Board Position

Board Member


Benefit Future Chairs (2021-2022)

To be slated by Spring 2020 Nominating Committee

Note that Sears Benefit is now every other year

Book Fair Chairs (2019-2020)

Carrie Kelly

Mia Sachs

M'Liz Simonds

Book Fair Future Chairs (2020-2021)

Hilary Kallop

Cailin Davis

Liz Martin

Creative Dramatics Chair

Joanna Fields

Display Case Chair

Jennifer Dixton

Diversity & Awareness Chair

Kath Lyman

Family Fun Day Co-Chairs (2)

Erin Papuga

Brittany Gottschall

Family Fun Day Future Co-Chairs (2)

Dedee Enquist

Mary Jane Melgaard

Field Day Chair

Cathie Flanagan

Lost and Found Chair

Carly Cape

Newcomers Co-Chairs (3)

Debby Caldwell

Kelly Mangel

Kristie Bennett

School Supply Chair

Caroline Vorraber

Sears Café Chair

Amy O'Dell

Skate Exchange Chair

Allison McEntee

Student Picture Co-Chairs (2)

Angela Keefe

Beth Ottsen

Veteran's Day Chair

Chris Jerome (Chair)

Mike Martin (Supporting Chair)

Tim Keneally (Supporting Chair)

World Culture Fair Chair (2)

Trish Saltzman (2nd Year Chair)

Vanessa Menton (1st Year Chair)

VP of Community Relations Subcommittees

Committee Position

Proposed Committee Member


Alliance for Early Childhood

Liz MacIntosh

FAN Representative

Meredith Sullivan

New Trier Liaison

Lynne Hemmer

VP of Green Initiatives Subcommittees

Committee Position

Proposed Committee Member


Earth Day Chair

Jessica Bollhoefer

Grounds Group Chair

Stacey Sunderland

Outdoor Classroom Liaison Chair

Julia Peterson

School Recycling Chair

Mirofora Geroulis

Walk and Bike to School Chair

Rachel Smith

Room Parent Co-Chair Subcommittees

Committee Position

Proposed Committee Member


Room Parents 2 for each class (JK - 8th)

To be determined by Room Parent Co-Chairs

8th Grade Coordinators (4)

Nancy O'Donnell (Boy Mom)

Coordinators typically include two Boy Moms and two Girl Moms

Lisa O'Rourke (Boy Mom)

Libby Graham (Girl Mom)

Lara Scarborough (Girl Mom)