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Board Members

Leading our community into the future

The Kenilworth Board of Education is the governing body responsible for a number of functions related to the general management of Kenilworth School District No. 38. The board has six specific responsibilities:

  1. Clarify the district purpose
  2. Employ and evaluate a superintendent
  3. Delegate authority to the superintendent to manage the district
  4. Connect with the community
  5. Monitor performance and progress toward district goals
  6. Take responsibility for board activity and behavior

Each board member is required by law to undergo four hours of training within the first year of their first term. The training includes: Open Meetings Act applicability and legal requirements, education and labor law, financial oversight and accountability and fiduciary responsibility. A summary of completed training requirements for current board members can be found here.

Board members are elected through caucus to serve staggered four-year terms.

The board consists of the following:

Board MemberTerm Ends
Mrs. Mindy Kelly (president)April 2019
Mrs. Suzanne NelsonApril 2021
Mrs. Melissa RossApril 2021
Mrs. Danielle Boros (vice-president)April 2019
Mrs. Donna KellerApril 2019
Mr. Scott WallaceApril 2019
Mr. John GottschallApril 2021

Questions? Send an email to Your email will be distributed to all board members and school administrators and you will receive a response within 48 hours.