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Board Committees

The primary duty of the Board of Education is to clarify the District’s purpose. Through the Strategic Plan Process, the Board has developed a Mission, Vision, and Educational Philosophy. To support these elements of the Strategic Plan, the Board of Education has identified, defined and articulated the following Strategic Board Priorities for The Joseph Sears School:

  • The Sears Student: Provide students with the curriculum, instruction and assessment that fosters growth and challenges them in keeping with the mission of The Joseph Sears School
  • The Sears Educator: Hire, develop & retain high-performing faculty and staff that embrace continuous improvement in service of Sears students
  • The Sears Community: Engage all Sears families and community organizations to communicate and collaborate in a respectful and transparent manner
  • The Sears Finances and Operation: Maintain a solid short- and long-term financial position while investing in resources and infrastructure that align with educational priorities

The Board of Education employs the Superintendent to facilitate the work towards accomplishing the Strategic Board Priorities.

Kenilworth Board of Education operates under a committee structure and maintains two standing committees:

  • Building and Finance Committee
  • Policy Committee

Committee meetings are posted on the Board Calendar. Visit Meeting Documents to access agendas, approved minutes, and presentations for committee meetings.