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Board Committees

The primary duty of the Board of Education is to clarify the District’s purpose. Through the Strategic Plan Process, the Board has developed a Mission, Vision, and Educational Philosophy. To support these elements of the Strategic Plan, the Board of Education has identified, defined and articulated the following Strategic Board Priorities:

  • The Sears Student: Provide students with the curriculum, instruction and assessment that fosters growth and challenges them in keeping with the mission of The Joseph Sears School
  • The Sears Educator: Hire, develop & retain high-performing faculty and staff that embrace continuous improvement in service of Sears students
  • The Sears Community: Engage all Sears families and community organizations to communicate and collaborate in a respectful and transparent manner
  • The Sears Finances and Operation: Maintain a solid short- and long-term financial position while investing in resources and infrastructure that align with educational priorities

The Board of Education employs the Superintendent/Chief School Business Official, to facilitate the work towards accomplishing the Strategic Board Priorities.

Kenilworth Board of Education operates under a committee structure and maintains five standing committees:

  • Building and Finance Committee
  • Communications Committee
  • Education Committee
  • Personnel Committee
  • Policy Committee

Committee meetings are posted on the Board Calendar. Visit Meeting Documents to access agendas, approved minutes, and presentations for committee meetings.