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Welcome to The Joseph Sears School Athletics Homepage

Athletics at The Joseph Sears School are designed to incorporate the positive benefits of organized sports while following the theories and practices set forth by the district. The goal of the athletics program is to provide students the opportunity to:

  • Develop skills and knowledge of game strategies and rules
  • Enhance students' normal physical growth, social growth and maturation process
  • Improve socialization skills, self-esteem, self-perception and psychological well-being
  • Allow each students to use and increase his or her unique talents and skills
  • Help students understand the importance of sportsmanship and teamwork
  • Reinforce the values of Responsibility, Kindness, Honesty and Respect through athletics

Our objective is to have students, coaches and parents understand the importance of development and learning. We strive for the athletic teams to enhance life lessons that are taught in the classroom while at the same time helping improve physical skills.

Athletics Policy

Student Athletics Code of Conduct


All students participating in Joseph Sears sports are expected to adhere to The Joseph Sears School Code of Conduct. Students are expected to follow the principles of behavior as outlined through the Four Cornerstones during all practices, games and athletic events. Violations of school or team rules are grounds for dismissal or suspension from the team and/or school.


A student is considered athletically eligible to participate in sports at The Joseph Sears School if he or she meets the following criteria:

  1. Academic Eligibility: Students who are earning at least a C- or higher in all of their classes will be eligible to participate in organized team activities. This applies to all classes taken, both core subjects and related studies. Students will be able to participate in practices or games once they have improved their grade(s) to a minimum of a C-. Progress reports will be given to teachers throughout the season to ensure that students have their priorities in order. Disqualification from extracurricular activities is automatic for two weeks commencing from the date of disqualification or until the deficiency is satisfied, whichever comes first. Participants must keep the program in proper perspective. This is a learning experience and must be treated as such. Equal playing time is not guaranteed, although coaches will make every effort to adjust playing time as conditions permit.
  2. School Attendance: Students must be present for a minimum of four (4) hours of school to be eligible to participate in team-sponsored activities for that day. This includes both practices and games. Students are also expected to be at school and in class on time. Actions may be taken if a student collects 5 tardies or more per trimester.
  3. Other requirements: Students must have completed participation form, IHSA physical form, concussion form and payment turned in prior to the start of the season. Failure to do so could result in loss of athletic eligibility.

Use of School Property

Students are expected to properly use and respect school property. This includes keeping the locker rooms clean, respecting the gym spaces (no food/drink/gum in gyms), using equipment properly, and keeping track and care of team issued uniforms. Uniforms will be issued to participants with the expectation that they will be returned in good condition at the end of the season. Uniforms are the property of The Joseph Sears School. A $75 fee will be assessed for any unreturned or damaged uniform. Participants are responsible for the cleaning and care of the uniform during the season.


Attendance at practices is mandatory. The coaching staff will determine length of the practices. Practice schedules will be distributed in advance. Practices are held before or after school on days when school is in session. Some weekend practices may be scheduled. Visitors are not permitted to attend practices unless specifically invited by the coach. For safety reasons, proper attire is required for participation in practice.

Playing Time

A primary goal of The Joseph Sears School interscholastic program is to prepare each player to the best of his/her ability for a significant team role. A key step in meeting this goal is to give every player a chance to play in both league games and in tournament situations. For all age groups, differences in playing time are determined by relative player commitment, work ethic, and skill.

Parent Athletics Code of Conduct


Interscholastic athletic competition should demonstrate high standards of ethics and sportsmanship and promote the development of good character. Parents are an essential piece that will help with the success of the athletic program in this area. Parents serve as role models that students often emulate.

Parent Pledge

I hereby pledge to provide positive support, care, and encouragement for my child participating in Joseph Sears School interscholastic sports. I will:

  • Encourage good sportsmanship by demonstrating positive support for all players, coaches, and officials at every event
  • Place the emotional and physical well-being of my child ahead of my personal desire to win
  • Insist that my child play in a safe and healthy environment
  • Support coaches and officials working with my child, in order to encourage a positive and enjoyable experience for all
  • Demand a sports environment for my child that is free from drugs, tobacco, and alcohol and will refrain from their use at all events
  • Remember that the game is for the players – not parents
  • Do my very best to make sports fun for my child
  • Ask my child to treat other players, coaches, fans, and officials with respect regardless of race, sex, creed or ability.

Player Safety

Coaches will consider player safety as an overriding priority. While injuries are a risk in any athletic activity, appropriate protective gear is required and the rules of the game will be enforced. It is the responsibility of the parents to notify the coach in writing before the season, or as soon as practical, of any medical condition or physical limitation, which could impair their child’s ability to safely perform sports related activities.

Each parent is required to sign a Transportation Acknowledgment and Release prior to a player’s participation in The Joseph Sears School interscholastic sports program. The release portion of this form authorizes emergency treatment for a player if a parent is not present. Team practices outdoors will not be conducted in the immediate presence of lightning or heavy thunder. The decision to conduct or to continue a practice or game rests with the coach or referee, depending on the situation.

Transportation Agreement

I understand that Kenilworth School District No. 38 (hereinafter "District") is not required to provide bus service or transportation for my child to and from any extracurricular, school-sponsored, or interscholastic events or activities (hereinafter "extracurricular activities") which take place outside school hours.

I agree that in the event that my child needs to be transported to any facility or location to participate in any extracurricular activities, I am solely responsible for any such transportation arrangements, and any and all duties and responsibilities associated with such transportation, including but not limited to ensuring that the person providing such transportation holds a valid driver's license, license plate, and vehicle insurance. I also agree that the District is not responsible or liable for any injuries or damages caused in connection with such transportation.

As a condition of my child's participation in extracurricular activities, I hereby release, discharge, and waive any and all rights or actions, in law or equity, for claims arising from my child's transportation to and from such activities, and agree to indemnify the District, its agents and employees, from and against any such claims. Further, I hereby grant permission for school personnel to take such action as may be required in case of medical emergency, understanding that every effort will be made to contact parents/guardians prior to exercising this authority.


Sports Fees

Athletics fees for the year are approved by the Kenilworth Board of Education during the previous school year.

2018-2019 Athletic Fees

Girls Volleyball$225
Girls Field Hockey$225
Co-Ed Soccer$225
Co-Ed Cross Country$200
Girls Basketball$425
Boys Basketball$425
Boys Volleyball$225
Co-Ed Track and Field$200

Refund Policy

If your child decides not to participate in a sport after payment to the school has been made, you may request a refund by emailing Athletic Director Natalie McLemore at


No student will be excluded from participation for financial reasons. If you need a fee waiver scholarship (provided by the Sears Booster Club), please contact Superintendent/CSBO Dr. Crystal LeRoy at or 847-853-3805.

Concussion Information

Please review the Joseph Sears Concussion Fact Sheet for information about concussion diagnosis, procedures and warning signs.

Each student and parent must read and sign the IESA Concussion Information Sheet, located on the district forms page.


Uniforms will be issued to student athletes with the expectation that they will be returned in good condition at the end of the season. Uniforms are the property of The Joseph Sears School. Students are responsible for the cleaning and care of the uniform during the season.

Uniforms can be dropped off at the Joseph Sears Front Office. A $75 late fee will be assessed to students who do not return uniforms before the following dates:

Upcoming Events

The full athletics calendar can be found on the Athletics Calendar Page.


The Joseph Sears School Gymnasium is located at 542 Abbotsford Road. Visitors may park on Abbotsford Road or in the rear school parking lot on Ivy Court after the school day ends (3:15 p.m.)

Townley Field is located directly behind The Joseph Sears School. Visitors may park in the rear school parking lot for games and events after the school day ends (3:15 p.m.) Additional parking can be found on Green Bay Road.

Sports Offerings

Several additional athletics opportunities are available to Kenilworth children through the Kenilworth Park District. Sports programs offered include:

  • Football
  • Baseball
  • Lacrosse
  • Karate
  • Junior Golf

Visit the Kenilworth Park District webpage for more information.

Joseph Sears School students in grades 5-8 are invited to participate in one of the school's many athletics programs. Sports are available to students of the following grade levels:

5th Grade

  • Soccer (Co-ed)
  • Cross Country (Co-ed)
  • Track and Field (Co-ed)

6th Grade

  • Girls Volleyball
  • Field Hockey (Girls)
  • Soccer (Co-ed)
  • Cross Country (Co-ed)
  • Boys Volleyball
  • Track and Field (Co-ed)
  • 7th Grade
  • Girls Volleyball
  • Field Hockey (Girls)
  • Soccer (Co-ed)
  • Cross Country (Co-ed)
  • Girls Basketball
  • Boys Basketball
  • Boys Volleyball
  • Track and Field (Co-ed)

8th Grade

  • Girls Volleyball
  • Field Hockey (Girls)
  • Soccer (Co-ed)
  • Cross Country (Co-ed)
  • Girls Basketball
  • Boys Basketball
  • Boys Volleyball
  • Track and Field (Co-ed)

Register by completing the Athletics Participation Form found on the district forms page and submitting payment prior to the start of each season. Students must have a valid sports physical on file in order to participate in games. View the athletics policy (above) for more information.