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Boys Volleyball

Boys volleyball is offered to sixth, seventh, and eighth-grade boys. During the first week of practice, the players will be divided into two teams, varsity and junior varsity. Eighth-grade boys are on the varsity team, sixth-grade boys are on the junior varsity team, and seventh-grade boys are divided between varsity and junior varsity based on experience, skill level, and the number of players who join the team.

Practices and games will take place after school, Monday-Friday. Practices are mandatory, and playing time may be compromised if a player does not consistently attend practices and games. The season takes place in the winter, usually starting in February and ending the week before Spring Break. Players will be required to attend the Spring Athletic Ceremony at the conclusion of the season.


All participants are required to attend practice in athletic attire, with gym shoes and knee pads. A jersey will be provided by the school for games. Uniforms will need to be returned at the conclusion of the school year. Student athletes who do not return uniforms will be assessed a replacement fee.



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