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Department of Technology

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Mission Statement

The Technology Department provides secure, reliable, and innovative technology solutions in alignment with academic and administrative goals while supporting the technology needs within the district to enable and empower our students and staff to achieve the Portrait of a Sears Graduate.

In support of this mission, we will:

  • Partner with Joseph Sears School staff and students to understand their technology needs.
  • Provide leadership, planning, and professional development for the effective and strategic use of day-to-day and emerging technologies.
  • Cultivate a standard method of communication (e.g. Helpdesk) so that every person is heard and issues are addressed collaboratively.
  • Actively match the level of support to the individual and their skillset while encouraging professional growth.
  • Seek out new and innovative technologies to further enrich the learning environment for students and staff while being fiscally responsible.
  • Manage a technology plan that is forward-thinking and supports safety, innovative learning, and creativity.

Our core values drive and guide us as we serve The Joseph Sears School Community. As members of the technology department, we are committed to:

  • Collaboration: We are dedicated to a constructive, team-oriented environment, gathering varied perspectives, sharing knowledge, and building effective partnerships.

  • Continuous Improvement: We strive for operational excellence through the ongoing development of staff and the District as a whole.

  • Innovation: We encourage creative and critical thinking in the development of technology services and solutions.

  • People: We listen to, respect, and care for staff, students, and each other.

  • Transparency: We leverage open communication and thoughtful processes to encourage accountability in our important work.

Technology Faculty and Staff

Nathan McBride

Director of Technology and Innovation
The Director of Technology and Innovation has responsibility for all aspects of Joseph Sears School technology, including but not limited to Strategy and Planning, Staff Management, Budgetary Responsibility, Infrastructure, Database Administration and Integration, and management of the Helpdesk. The Director of Technology and Innovation works with all school stakeholders to ensure that the technology program and services meet the educational needs and communication needs of the school and programs. The Director of Technology and Innovation serves on the Leadership Team and reports to the Superintendent.

Lukasz Sikora

IT Systems and Data Manager/District Registrar
The IT Systems and Data Manager coordinates the data entry and update functions for the student information system for The Joseph Sears School. The IT Systems and Data Manager serve as a resource for administration and staff. In addition, the IT Systems and Data Manager will be responsible for the daily operations of the student information system, provide training and support for staff members and parents, provide required data for administrators and other school personnel, and will also work in coordination with the administration to develop the schedule, distribute grades, and provide data support for standardized testing. The IT Systems and Data Manager reports to the Director of Technology and Innovation. 

Matthew Joanis

IT Systems and Network Manager
The IT Systems and Network Manager is a hands-on position that requires excellent interpersonal communication skills and the ability to work with administrators, teachers, and students. Established for the purpose of maintaining network systems including server hardware, operating systems, software and service, and is responsible for administering and managing the district’s central administrative computer networks. The IT Systems and Network Manager reports to the Director of Technology and Innovation. 

Joe Rodriguez

IT Systems Technician

The IT Technician provides support and expertise for District technology programs and services to enhance their effectiveness for students, staff, and the schoolhouse. The IT Technician supports all aspects of Joseph Sears School technology, including but not limited to Strategy and Planning, Infrastructure, Data, Network Security, and the Helpdesk. They provide assistance to end users to identify and correct equipment and software-related problems and interact with users on a daily basis to be able to see and understand technology problems and provide competent solutions.

* All staff and student technology related requests or issues should be emailed to