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The Library Technology Center (LTC) is a learning commons designed to support and enrich the curriculum and to optimize the interests and cognitive skills of all students. These include materials designed to stimulate knowledge and understanding and encourage literary appreciation, aesthetic values and ethical standards. Students are introduced to the concept of seeing all sides of an issue and of developing an awareness and appreciation of the religious, ethnic, and cultural groups of the world and their impact on the American heritage.

The LTC provides instruction, guidance and materials for students in a technologically rich environment. The LTC staff also provides instruction and guidance to teach students and faculty/staff effective and judicious use of the Center’s materials and portals. The LTC curriculum aligns with the AASL and NETS standards that are in line with the School’s Common Core State Standards.

The LTC houses approximately 22,000 barcoded items and subscribes to 20 print magazines. Non-print media include an extensive 500 title DVD library Augmented by an all school Discovery Education streaming video subscription. The entire collection, including the catalog and the circulation system, is supported through the SirsiDynix Library Technology System. The Library catalog is accessible from any internet connection at

A technology philosophy of “anytime, anywhere” access has been initiated to include a wireless environment, work stations, laptops, mobile devices and educational software and Web 2.0 tools to support the school’s academic goals. The philosophy embraces the BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) environment to encourage Junior High students to leverage their technology lives both in and out of school.

The Joseph Sears School uses the Internet as a communication, research and learning tool. This online tool adds an important dimension to the curriculum. To create the most positive online learning environment, the LTC offers multiple online educational subscription services, such as: Infotrac: Gale Group periodical database for elementary and Junior High research, Biography Reference Center (450,000 biographies) Grolier Online (grades 3-8 encyclopedia accessible from home and school), Culture Grams, BrainPop and BrainPop Jr., Enchanted Learning, BookFlix, TrueFlix and ScienceFlix.

In addition, Internet access is provided in order to bring an enhanced array of learning opportunities to the School. The school website serves the dual purpose of disseminating information to the community and being an academic tool for students. To provide a safe Internet experience, The Joseph Sears School network uses filtering software to help ensure that online access remains within the school standards for educational and recreational appropriateness.