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Homework Expectations

Homework is essential for academic success both for the rigorous Joseph Sears School curriculum and to develop academic and study skills necessary for success in high school and beyond. Joseph Sears School students, families, faculty and administrators share the responsibility for students maximizing the benefits of assigned homework while still maintaining a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

Research indicates a clear correlation between homework completion and academic success. Research also indicates detrimental and counter-productive effects of too much homework, both on students’ stress levels and academic performance.

Joseph Sears School faculty and administrators are committed to providing students with the best opportunities for growth and success in school by assigning meaningful and purposeful homework. Purposes for homework include: practicing and reinforcing material previously studied in class, introduction of new material, extending previously learned skills to new situations and contexts, and producing original work such as book reports, science projects, and creative writing.

Faculty and administrators continue to evaluate and improve the school’s homework policy and the way in which this information is communicated to both students and families. Thee following allotted homework timelines are designed to serve as a guideline to enhance student learning without adding additional pressure to afterschool and family life:

Homework Guidelines

GradeDaily AverageArea
120 minutesSpelling, math and independent reading
220-30 minutesSpelling, math facts and independent reading. Long-term projects as assigned with advance notice
330-40 minutes1 or 2 subjects. Dallying independent reading for 20 minutes and math facts for 5 minutes. Long-term projects as assigned with advance notice.
440-50 minutesSubjects may vary. Daily reading. Long-term projects as assigned with advance notice.
545-60 minutesSubjects may vary. Daily reading. Long-term projects as assigned with advance notice.

Junior High Weekly Homework Guidelines

SubjectGrade 6Grade 7Grade 8
Math115 minutes150 minutes180 minutes
Science60 minutes70 minutes85 minutes
Literature110 minutes120 minutes140 minutes
Language Arts110 minutes120 minutes140 minutes
Social Science60 minutes80 minutes120 minutes
World Language40 minutes60 minutes85 minutes
Total minutes per week495 minutes600 minutes750 minutes