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Extracurricular Offerings

Exploring passions, developing character

The Joseph Sears School encourages all students to get involved in at least one of the school's many extracurricular offerings. Extracurricular offerings afford students with opportunities to explore their interests and practice creative thinking in a fun, enjoyable setting.

The Joseph Sears School offers different types of extracurricular programming to meet the needs of its students:


To view all of our extracurricular offerings, we created an all-encompasing brochure for each trimester of the school year in partnership with the Kenilworth Park District and JSSPVA. Click here to view our Enrichment Brochure for the 2023-2024 school year.


Other Opportunities for Involvement


In addition to the extracurricular offerings listed above, The Joseph Sears school offers several other activities and opportunities for student involvement through:

  • Participation in the Scripps National Spelling Bee
  • Participation in the National Geographic Bee
  • Participation in the school band and orchestra programs
  • Participation in the Principal's Advisory Council
  • Participation in one of the many Sears team sports