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A 21st-century learning community rooted in tradition and excellence.

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Our Identity

All students will be prepared to advance and thrive,

now and into the future.

The guiding principles that govern The Joseph Sears School remain true as they did when the school was founded in 1899. Learn more about our school district and our values.

District: Kenilworth School District No. 38

School(s): The Joseph Sears School (JK-8)

Type: Public

Location: Kenilworth, Illinois

Vision Statement: All students will be prepared to advance and thrive, now and into the future.

Mission Statement: The Joseph Sears School delivers a personalized educational experience that empowers and challenges each student to grow academically and develop personally.

Tagline: "A 21st-century learning community rooted in tradition and excellence"

Guiding Values: The Four Cornerstones: Responsibility, Kindness, Honesty and Respect

Governance: Kenilworth Board of Education

Structure: Kenilworth School District No. 38 Organizational Chart

Enrollment: 479 students (2019)

Employee Count: 91 full-time employees, 10 part-time employees (2019)

Colors: Reflex Blue and White

Mascot: Panther

Song: "Joseph Sears School Song" arr. by B. Gordon and R. Cabin (2015)

School Seal

Usage of the school seal dates back as far as the 1920s, though the original seal's origins are unknown. The school seal has been replicated numerous times over the span of multiple decades with the technology available at the time. The detail in the seal's features had become worn, which prompted a refurbishment circa 2010.

The Joseph Sears School seal was enhanced in 2016 to further refine the original seal's features and incorporate historical significance to its details. The school seal was also produced in full color for the first time in school history. Usage of the school seal in school district publications, documents and materials has been limited in order to preserve its significance.

A The three outer rings of the school seal signify the three sequential key events that led to the establishment of The Joseph Sears School. Green represents Joseph Sears’ purchase of land on Nov. 1, 1889 to establish Kenilworth. Red represents Mrs. Mary Keyes Babcock’s School for Young Ladies and Children, the first academic institution founded in Kenilworth. Light blue represents the Rugby School for Boys, Kenilworth’s second academic institution. The standards set by these two schools laid the foundation for The Joseph Sears School.

B The school name is written in reflex blue on a white background to reference Joseph Sears school colors.

C Branches have been colored green to symbolize Kenilworth, elm trees and the Kenilworth community.

D Elm leaves, symbolic of Kenilworth, surround a book which represents The Joseph Sears School. This communicates the idea that the Kenilworth community constantly provides support to the school district.

E The book, symbolic of The Joseph Sears School, has white pages bound by a red binding. White symbolizes the school’s commitment to delivering a balanced and impartial education for all students. Red symbolizes the creativity and passion with which the faculty deliver education.

School Logo

With feedback from parents, students, faculty and staff, The Joseph Sears School implemented a school logo in 2016 designed to communicate the school district's values and represent the entire Joseph Sears school community.

A The four points on the school crest represent the Four Cornerstones of The Joseph Sears School: Responsibility, Kindness, Honesty and Respect.

B The crest featuring the stylized "S" communicates a sense of tradition and heritage. The crest shape also denotes family as many Kenilworth residents have sent generations of their children to The Joseph Sears School.

C Elm leaves on both sides of the crest symbolize Kenilworth's iconic trees which are prominently displayed throughout the village.

D The school's official founding year is referenced to emphasize the longstanding history behind The Joseph Sears School.

School Mascot

The panther is the official mascot of The Joseph Sears School. While the exact origin of the first panther mascot is unknown, there have been many interactions of the school mascot over the years. The most recent panther was designed and adopted in 2016.