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Board of Education

Kenilworth School District #38

BoardofEducation 13-14
Current Board of Education Members
Back Row, L-R: Mr. Gregory F. Werd, President, Mr. Timothy Kollar and Mr. Scott Wallace.
Front Row, L-R: Mrs. Suzanne S. Nelson; Vice President, Dr. Christine L. Stoll, Mrs. Stacey M. Van Metre and Mrs. Betsy Moerschel.
Role of the Board of Education
As the entity charged by law with governing a school district, each Board of Education sits in trust for the entire community.  The fundamental duties of the Board are to:  

1.    Clarify the District Purpose

2.    Employ and Evaluate a Superintendent

3.    Delegate authority to the Superintendent to manage the district and provide leadership for the staff

4.    Connect with the community

5.    Monitor performance and progress toward district goals

6.    Take responsibility for Board activity and behavior

Board members are required to undergo training including Open Meetings Act applicability and legal requirements, education and labor law, financial oversight and fiduciary responsibility.  The Illinois Association of School Boards and the National School Boards Association act as guiding bodies.

The Board organizes and manages itself to fulfill its duties to the District.  The Board of Education holds meetings in public and provides opportunities for public comment.  The Board may also organize itself into committees.  Committees may include:  Building and Finance, Communications, Education and Personnel. Committee meetings are also held in public and the community is invited and encouraged to attend these meetings in addition to the regular Board of Education meetings.

Regular Board of Education meetings are usually held on the third Monday of each month with the Open Session beginning at 7:30 p.m.  Committee meetings are scheduled according to the availability of committee members.  Meeting dates are displayed on the District website at, Board of Education Meetings. The agenda for each meeting is posted in advance.

Regular Board meetings are live-streamed online and recorded for review, while "Board Briefs" are emailed to the District email distribution list during the week following the meeting providing highlights from the meeting.  Formal Board minutes for each meeting are posted to the website after they have been approved by the Board.

The Board of Education has created the "Sounding Board" to provide the community with the opportunity to share comments, questions, compliments and concerns.  All messages are sent to the Board of Education members and the Superintendent.  Please email:  The community is invited and encouraged to use this email, frequently check the District website, attend or watch Board of Education regular meetings or committee meetings in order to strengthen the Board of Education's connection to the community.