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JSSPVA Giving Tree

Traditionally, Room Parents at the Joseph Sears School have collected paper checks or cash from parents for teacher and associate gifts at the holidays and end of the school year. With the start of the 2017-18 school year, the JSSPVA is beginning a new initiative to collect funds for teacher and staff gifts called the ‘Sears School Giving Tree.’

How it works: The mission of the Sears School Giving Tree is to give parents the opportunity to collectively ensure all teachers and staff who make an impact on our children are recognized appropriately. Our goal is to eliminate the need for parents to purchase multiple holiday and end of year gifts and collectively appreciate our school staff together. Parents can make a bigger impact on the staff and reduce the time and stress also! The money collected will be used for monetary holiday and end-of-year gifts for:

  • All classroom teachers and associates as well as school employees who float between multiple classrooms
  • Specials teachers (PE, Music, Art, & Foreign Languages)
  • Student Services teachers
  • Administrative staff who work with our children every day
Contributions of any amount are appreciated and families can contribute to the Sears School Giving Tree throughout the year. However, in order to be sure we can recognize all the important teachers, staff and associates, the JSSPVA suggests a minimum contribution of $40 per student. The JSSPVA will be responsible for dispersing gifts.

Three ways to donate:

  1. We have set up a convenient on-line payment portal that can be accessed by clicking HERE.
  2. JSSPVA representatives will be available at the Meet & Greet and Curriculum nights and can swipe your credit/debit card.
  3. You can pay by check. Checks made payable to JSSPVA and mailed to:
    The Sears School Giving Tree
    542 Abbotsford Road
    Kenilworth, IL 60043
All donations are optional but are very much appreciated by our wonderful teachers, associates and staff! We hope you will join us as we show our gratitude for the hard work of all Joseph Sears School Teachers and Staff!

Questions? Please email